Our Values

Our values, this is who we are. We actively live by these values. We hire based on these values.

Galileo gives a percentage of our total revenue to initiatives in direct pursuit of our Humanity and Earth values. This demonstrates our commitment to creating and preserving a healthier, happier world. Where as we are having a collective human experience, we encourage our clients, vendors, other businesses and all people to join with us in these important pursuits.


Be the very best at what we do, which means; being thoughtful, diligent, constantly improving and relentlessly focusing on the details.


This includes communicating in simple truths, telling people who we are, and in doing what we say. The result (trust) is priceless.


This is the bedrock of everything we do.


Embrace new ideas, encourage creative thinking, provide an environment for change. This includes actively pursuing education and truth.


We embrace simplicity in our communications, the products we produce, the means used, and lifestyle we choose.


We are a for profit company, however, the pursuit of global corporate profits without regard to its impact and consumerism, has left many people on the earth behind and severely disadvantaged, with no hope of changing their circumstances. We have an obligation to these people. We actively provide compassion to those in need. We believe in the dignity of all people. While charity plays a very important role, a different approach is needed to engage the creativity of those disadvantaged. We have a long history and heritage of humanitarian work and employee engagement through the Galileo Foundation.


We are based in the intermountain west, with rich scenic outdoor resources. We have a significant responsibility to preserve this world for future generations. This includes the cleanliness and availability of our air and water, the health of soil, biodiversity of ecosystems, and the temperature of our environment and oceans. These elements support the natural resources necessary to sustain life. We actively take steps to reduce the use of plastic and packaging, using natural fabrics, using sustainable energy and supporting and using locally and organically grown foods.


We hire only passionate, creative people. We provide great benefits, we focus on education, health, outdoor living and these company values. The result - highly energetic, dedicated co-workers, and a highly productive and comfortable work environment.


Our headquarters are just a few minutes away from beautiful ski resorts, biking trails, and lakes. Our employees take full advantage of the environment and entertainment around us. #galileolife gives you a peek at some of our latest adventures.

Family night operations #galileolife

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Finally found some snow.

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Sleigh rides #galileolife

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Pretty decent view from the top of L'arc De Triomphe.#galileolife

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Hack The U! #galileolife

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Life is #swell. #sanrafaelswell #crackcanyon #behindthereef #blm #publiclands #galileolife

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Wild flowers at the #mounttimpanogoshike Unfortunately, a camera cannot replicate the beauty. #galileolife

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Cutest. Visitor. Ever. #galileolife

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Great company, great people, great tournament and the lucky winner of this Ping G30 driver! #galileolife

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Tournament day. #galileolife

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